Transform and automate your process with our Cross Media Publishing platform.

3CM's automated and cloud-based Publishing offer end to end content management and transformation. Manage your publishing content, collaborate, and typeset books automatically -- all through one product suite that will streamline your business operations and drive revenue.

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Publish STM books faster with the cloud based automated platform
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Create and edit journals faster and more accurately
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Increase productivity by automating your formatting and editing process
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Automatically create stunning travel guides
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Convert and format your documents at lightning fast speed

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All your data is carefully and securely saved in the cloud which makes it possible for you to access it from anywhere you are

Real-time collaboration

Increase productivity in your organisation by collaborating with your team in real-time with 3CMbs publishing platform

Version management

Create, manage and track different versions of the same document in just a few clicks


Save time and increase productivity

3CMbs automated publishing platform have been developed with the aim to transform the traditional publishing process and bring down operational as well as cost efficiency. Whether you need to typeset and convert a Travel Book, Journal, School Book, or any other book, 3CM has the platform to help you edit, typeset, and convert them into required format.

With our full range of publishing services, your team is able to focus on the most important part of the books - The content. The dynamic and intuitive platform ensures you always meet your publishing deadlines.

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What our experts say

Really delighted with the quality of editing done by 3CM publishing. They definitely go an extra mile to produce an excellent, well-edited document

Gregory Holewell

The ebooks are developed with ultimate professionalism and accuracy. They produce ebooks in several reading formats at cost effective prices and have one of the fastest turnaround time

Colin Johnston

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